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Is It Worth Investing in an Organic CBD Massage Oil?

By September 5, 2022No Comments

CBD, carefully and cleanly extracted from full, organically-grown hemp flowers, is an exceptional addition for regular use in topical massage oils, with a myriad of benefits for clients and massage therapists alike.

Your clients will enjoy the extra relaxation and pain relief and your massage practice will benefit financially from adding organic CBD massage oil as a billable add-on that clients are increasingly asking for.

CBD is just one of 540 natural compounds found in both forms of the Cannabis plant, Hemp and Marijuana. Basically, Marijuana contains lots of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the active ingredient that gets you high. Way on the other side of the family tree is Hemp, which has less than .03% THC and does NOT get you high.

What makes Hemp so beneficial is its high concentration of CBD (Cannabidiol).

Hemp was there at the dawn of mankind:
Since the dawn of human development, Hemp, the world’s primary source of CBD, has been a dietary and household staple; seeds and oil for food, lubricants, and fuel, and fiber for textiles such as rope, cloth, and parchment. That is until 1932 when a cabal of industrialists conspired to remove Hemp altogether from our global society.

Reefer Madness, a fake reason to remove Hemp:
They promoted Reefer Madness, not really because of any social risk from smoking Marijuana but because they could easily add Hemp to the prohibition in order to remove it from the global supply chain and manufacture an artificial demand for oil products made from petroleum, cotton, and paper made from tree pulp, industries that they controlled.

What we know now about Hemp and CBD:
What no one knew back then is that CBD is an enormously important part of human well-being. Modern research has found that all human skin is packed with dedicated receptors for CBD, which seem to trigger a wide range of natural benefits; enhanced blood flow, reduced inflammation, muscle release, and nerve relaxation, to name just a few.

Living with CBD Deficiency:
The overall calming effect that CBD seems to have on our central nervous system is an essential factor in human well-being and without it since 1932, we are all basically living with a stress-enhancing, CBD deficiency that is wreaking havoc on our bodies and lives.

CBD massage oil for relaxation:
High-quality, very pure CBD is readily absorbed into human skin. In massage sessions, it is best to use a low concentration, just 20 mg of CBD per fluid oz in an organic massage oil blend, so when applied liberally, clients get all the relaxing benefits of CBD and therapists don’t get overdosed with too much absorption through their own skin over the course of a long day giving massage.

High-Potency CBD salve for pain relief:
Then, to calm nerve inflammation and reduce pain at injury sites and specific pain points you can apply a dollop of a High-Potency CBD Salve containing 600 mg of CBD per fluid oz. That way you can give a great relaxing massage, target your client’s specific pain or injuries, AND take care of yourself over the long term.

High-Quality Organic is THE way to go:

Unfortunately, there are a lot of really poor quality, and even harmful CBD products on the market today that are tainted with benzine and other solvents used to extract CBD from Hemp cheaply. It is super important to look for a source that prizes growing organic Hemp and extracting their CBD from full flowers using the purest process possible. Such products are going to be more expensive than the cheap stuff, but they are truly well worth the price.

Like a fine wine:
Buy CBD massage oils as you would a fine wine, look for a small, family-run operation that pours Love into its products and cares about your well-being more than profits.

CBD is perfectly legal:
The 2018 Farm Bill considers Cannabis plants with less than 0.3 percent THC as hemp or industrial hemp. Producers can grow it and sell products containing it legally across most of the U.S.

Except for the limited number of FDA-approved seizure disorders, CBD is still considered an alternative treatment. This means that there is no recommended dosage for most health conditions, and you should closely monitor your reaction to CBD. Start with a small dose, especially if you are putting a tincture under your tongue, pay attention to the results and use it to complement standard treatments rather than replace them.

A value worth adding:
All in all, though not inexpensive, a low-concentration organic CBD massage oil and a high-potency CBD pain relief salve are two great additions to your massage menu that are well worth investing in.

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