Thumbsavers – Set of three


Our hand-crafted Hardwood and Neoprene Rubber tools are specially designed by David Morin and are sized to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand.  Our Thumb-Saver lets you use the heel of your hand to apply moderate or deep pressure and drive the rubber tip farther into tight muscles and tissue than you could ever get your thumb.

Deliver a superior treatment, even through clothes, and give your thumbs a break.




Thumbsavers save thumbs.

Massage Therapists typically Burn-out after just 7 years because of Thumb Pain.

Our Thumbsavers allow you to continue the work you love, and still deliver the highest level of treatment possible, without using your thumbs.

Our Thumbsavers are particularly handy if you have at all studied and practice Dr. Janet Travell’s Trigger Point work, which often calls for direct and focused pressure on trigger points between the ribs and transverse process to reduce pain and edema associated with subluxations.

These Thumbsavers are thanks to Legendary Medical Massage Therapy instructor David Morin who burned his own thumbs out doing so much neuromuscular work. Out of desperation, David updated a design originated by one of his first teachers, the chiropractor, Dr. Raymond Nimmo.

Our  “T” shaped, hardwood hand tool set comes with three different rubber tips. They fit comfortably into the palm of the hand and allow any therapist to deliver focused pressure precisely where it is needed, for as long as it is needed without fatigue or muscle strain.  Say Bye-Bye to repetitive use injuries!

To accommodate smaller hands, it’s easy to trim down the length of the wooden post that the rubber tip slips onto. The idea is that with the bar sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, you are able to gather the tips of all your fingers to where the rubber meets your client’s skin or clothing so that each fingertip becomes a sensory organ for you to gauge the position and pressure the rubber tip is providing.

Deliver just the right amount of pressure, in just the right place without ever using your thumbs, and your patient never feels the difference!

There are many other unique techniques that David Morin developed over 40 years to minimize the negative impacts a heavy schedule of massage can have on your body and to assist you in extending your career as a massage therapist.

They are all incorporated in the comprehensive, NCBTMB-approved Medical Massage Masterclass that we offer through our sister company,  Check it out at

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

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